Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheap Bridesmaids Gifts

There are so many wonderful and exciting moments when a Bride and Groom begin planning for their wedding day. As the date gets closer for the big day, you start to think about gifts for the bridesmaids and other attendants. You’ve chosen these people because of your relationship with them; and, you would like to give them a nice present. When planning a wedding, you are often on a budget; so, when choosing a gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen; keeping an eye on the cost is important. Here are some ideas for cheap bridesmaids gifts.

No one wants to appear cheap when they give a gift. On the other hand, spending money unwisely will probably not make your soon- to- be spouse happy. Sticking to a budget and showing that you care about the bridesmaids and groomsmen is easy if you remember to do two things.

1) The first thing you must do is make a list of the attendants-both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. As a couple, it would be nice if you could do this shopping together; however, it may not be realistic with the demands on your time. So, the list is a really important tool to use. You may have to refer to this list for gifts for the persons on the list that you may not know as well as your future spouse does. The list will help you if one of you is out shopping and runs across something that you may feel would be a good choice for one of those individuals.

On this list will be the name of each person representing the Groom and the Bride. Next to that person’s name will be some of that person’s likes/dislikes, hobbies, colour preferences, and favourite brands. Knowing your attendants really well will help you in putting together the list. View it as an opportunity to share with your future spouse about the people in your life; and, the reason that you asked them to stand up with you on your wedding day. Of course, this idea mainly applies to people that you have just met, as you prepare for the wedding; if you already know them well, then you should already have some great ideas.

2) As far as being budget friendly, it is important to set a specific amount that you each have decided is appropriate for each bridesmaid’s gift. Remember to keep the same limit for each gift as it would not do well to spend more on one person over another.

As far as cheap bridesmaids gifts ideas go; how about these items for the ladies who are attending the Bride: earrings, bracelets, photo frames, perfume, or gift cards/or gift certificates for a favourite restaurant, service, or store?

And for the gentlemen who will attend the Groom; how about these items: money clips, cuff links, photo frames, or gift cards/ or gift certificates? You know them best…what would please them the most and bring a smile to their faces?

Getting a cheap bridesmaids gift that is thoughtful and classy shouldn't be too difficult if you give it some thought.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Try Before you Buy Wedding Photography

Stuart Walker Photography has introduced a unique new incentive for prospective wedding clients that allows you to “try before you buy”.

Brides and grooms should enjoy wedding photography and it should enhance your special day rather than detract from it. A skilled photographer is not just a 'camera operator'. They need to have the personality to match your needs in order to produce the most natural looking images. It is very difficult for people to know how well they will get on with a particular photographer without the benefit of having worked with them already.

Many professional wedding photographers offer 'Engagement' or 'Pre-Wedding' photo sessions but at a cost or tied into a commitment to book their services for the wedding.

Stuart Walker Photography has a simple and unique approach. If you are not entirely happy with your photo session, you receive a full refund.

However, if you enjoy the experience then you benefit from having built a rapport with the photographer which will make your wedding an even better day. Also, when your wedding booking is confirmed then the cost of the pre-wedding session is deducted from the package price.

An added benefit to a Pre-Wedding photo session is that you will have a large 12x16” print mounted in a card border that can be used for friends and family to sign at the reception rather than a guest book. The print is then ready to frame as a lasting memento.

The Pre-Wedding Photo Session costs £99 and includes a one hour 'on location' or 'at home' shoot, on-line image gallery, one 12x16” mounted print and travel within a 30 mile distance of Cumbernauld, including the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The session is available to everyone (even if you have already booked a wedding photographer) but clients must be actively looking for a wedding photographer to qualify for a refund.

Details and terms of the offer are available at:

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Stuart Walker Photography on 0141 416 5141 or at:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hairstyles for Weddings

The first thing to decide before you make your mind up on how you want your hair to look for your wedding is which headpiece do you want to be wearing. This makes a big difference when considering suitable hairstyles for weddings. But truthfully, the options are unlimited.

Wedding hairstyles should reflect what you want to say about yourself just as much as your gown or veil. If you choose to not wear a veil than that opens up a whole group of other potential wedding hairstyles to chose from. Perhaps what you want is a soft style, with your hair up and flowers delicately placed around the crown of your head. That style is becoming more popular these days.

If you’re trying to find suggestions on hairstyles for weddings there are bridal magazines to search through and Internet websites filled with more alternatives than you can imagine. If you have long hair and have decided to wear it down with a veil there are still many wedding hairstyles you can try to make it look just the way you want for your special day. Wearing your hair long means you will likely be wearing a veil, likely the wreath style with whatever length veil you prefer. Or, if you want to be different try a hat. Just pull your hair back behind your ears so your face will be seen.

The option on hairstyles for weddings only partially depends on the length of your hair. You can always use extensions if that suits better the hair statement you want to make. You can do anything that makes you feel good, and look good, for your special day from braids, extensions, and updos, curled or in a bun. Some women decide that their wedding day is a new beginning and so decide to reflect that with a new hair color.

Whichever one of the wedding hairstyles that you choose, a good idea is to do your hair, or have it done, in that style a few weeks before the wedding. You want to be certain the style will please you for your wedding day.