Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Choosing a Wedding Gown

Choosing a wedding gown is an important moment in a woman’s life. Its become more a reflection of what you want your wedding to be instead of just the gown you want to wear. Women are choosing to make their wedding celebration an event not just a party after the ceremony.

Many women are looking at designing a wedding gown that suits an era that has styles they are attracted to. No longer is the wedding gown only a reflection of the styles of the day. Now women are more likely to pick what they want to wear instead of just succumbing to the pressures to wear the current style. No longer do they want to look like every other bride. Maybe the interest lies with a retro wedding where the wedding gown is actually a mini dress from the sixties.

Women are looking to express themselves with their choice of wedding gown. Although most brides still like to continue the tradition of marrying in white, which was first begun by Queen Victoria in 1840, many decide that a solid white wedding gown is not necessarily what they want. A little color on the dress to accent it or an off white or cream gown may better suit what she wants to wear.

What the groom would like to wear is also a consideration when choosing what the bride will wear. This is not as big an issue since usually a man will simply choose a tuxedo to wear and it will only be a matter of deciding on the style or color to be sure it suits her choice of gown.

What about those women who decide to marry in what their mother’s wore? This has come back into fashion as well. A woman who is fortunate enough to be built similar to her mother, and so chooses to wear her mother’s wedding gown is following in a tradition when daughters wore what their mothers had and maybe so did their sisters.

Choosing a wedding gown is a very important part of planning a wedding and no matter what a woman chooses to wear for her special day the day will be one she should remember forever.

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