Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Cruise Packages

There are many options open to a couple when planning their wedding. There are equally unlimited options when planning a honeymoon. What if you could do them both at the same time, at the same place? Wouldn’t that be much easier, and maybe even more romantic?

If this option sounds even remotely interesting then you may want to consider wedding cruise packages. Now we all know about how amazing taking a cruise for your honeymoon would be. Many couples have chosen that option and had a wonderful time. But what if you could take a wedding cruise. That means getting married on the ship and then having your honeymoon on that same ship.

If a wedding cruise appeals to you then you should know that you will be expected to provide the clergyman or whatever official you require to perform the ceremony. Most cruise lines offer a wedding cruise option and have not only a honeymoon suite to make the trip even more special, but also a nice chapel for you to marry in. The ceremony and party afterwards all take place on the ship Then your guests disembark and the honeymoon begins.

Some couples have even arranged a wedding cruise package to allow them to meet their guests at one of the places the ship docks at to have their wedding instead in an exotic port. As the popularity of the wedding cruise grows, and it has by huge leaps, there are now companies that specialize in helping you to plan your wedding cruise. They will work just as hard for you when your big day is on a ship as others do wherever you choose to marry; a wedding hall, religious setting or your parent’s backyard.

Wedding cruise packages are truly worth considering. More couples are doing it as the number of weddings on ships last year, reported by one cruise line only, went over two thousand. Couples are looking to make their weddings special, different from the norm, and this alternative could make their dreams come true.

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