Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Man Speech Format

If you have been chosen to be a best man for your friend on his wedding day it is very likley that you are worried about the most nerve wracking part of the day - the best man's speech!

It is natural to worry about this, especially if you don't have much experience of speaking in public. Even if you do have experience, this is a different kind of speech from the ones that you give in the workplace, so you may be wondering how to go about it.

Here are a few tips on the Best Man's Speech Format to help you along the way. If you want to cheat a little you can also get Best Man Speech Samples here.

Opening the Speech: The best man usually starts his speech at the wedding breakfast by introducing himself and telling a tasteful joke about weddings or marriages. He may then talk about how long he has known the groom and give a few facts about the friendship.

Mention the Bride: It is also good to mention the bride and tell her how lovely she looks today.

Talk about the Couple: You probably want to talk about how the couple met each other and if you have any funny stories or anecdotes about this you could talk about this too.

Tell a funny story: The best man will usually tell a few funny and embarrassing stories about the groom. Perhaps something from the past or from his stag night. Remember that there will probably be parents, grand parents and other older relatives in the room so be sure to keep it relatively clean and don't say anything offensive!

Be Unique: Almost every speech given at a wedding by the best man says generally the same thing so you as the best man need to add things that no one could possibly think of to wish your closest and dearest friends the best of everything for their future together. Whether you choose to be lighthearted and funny as best men are at weddings or chillingly serious you need to make sure the speech says exactly what you would give to see your best friend the groom happy in a lasting marriage. If the new bride trusts you as the best man and her husbands' best friend then the two of you will still be able to hang out and have fun after the wedding.

Closing the Speech: When you close the speech remember to wish the bride and groom all the best in their marriage and then make a toast.

What not to do: Steer cleer of dirty jokes or lots of talk about ex girlfriends. Also be sure not to ramble on and bore the guests - they have to listen to two or three more speeches so be as brief as you can.

Hopefully these tips on Best Man Speech Format will help you to create a great speech enjoyed by the bride and groom and the guests.

If you need some ideas get some Best Man Speech Samples here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 Wedding Budget Ideas

Weddings can be hugely expensive, so the majority of couples will want to save money where they can without impacting the overall enjoyment of their big day.

Here are 7 wedding budget ideas to help you to have a great wedding day for less.

Prioritise: The first thing you should do is list everything that needs to be paid for and prioritise it. Put the things that are most important to you first and plan on spending the most money on these. For example I wanted to make sure that my guests received lots of nice sparkling wine and drinks at my wedding, so I increased the drinks budget and made the favours myself to save some money.

Get Married During the Week: The majority of couples get married on a Saturday. If you really want to save some cash, consider having your ceremony on a Thursday or Friday. How about having a Sunday service on a holiday weekend? You will find that there are many more dates available to you if you decide not to marry on a Saturday. You will also find that the majority of reception locations will offer a discount for an off day. If you don't get offered this, it is definitely worth asking!

Get Married in the Quiet Season: Another wedding budget idea is to have your wedding between November and April. This time of year is typically much quieter for most wedding related services and venues. Again, if you are not offered a discount it is worth asking for one.

Limit the Number of Attendants: Bridesmaids, flower girls and ushers all add money to your overall wedding budget. If you are strapped for cash consider just having one bridesmaid. Or perhaps decide not to have flowergirls.

Consider your Guest List very Carefully: Many people get fed up attending weddings of people they barely know. Unless you talk to a person regularly, the chances are pretty good that they won’t give it a second thought when your invitation doesn’t arrive. Remember, you’re trying to save some money on your big day. Extra people means extra expense, so this is one of the best ways to reduce your budget.

Make Your Own Ceremony Flowers: There are plenty ways to create your own flowers. A beautifully simple idea for a gorgeous bridal bouquet is to take several white roses, bunch them together into a bouquet, wrap the bottom with floral tape tightly, and wrap satin ribbon around the stems. Attach long pieces of satin ribbon to flow down as you hold the bouquet and it’ll be stunning!

Save Money on Wedding Favours: You could either decide not to have wedding favours, or you could make your own. Regular candles are nice too for cheap wedding favors. Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon and then stick a small flower in the ribbon. Alternatively, buy sweets or chocolate, in your wedding colors.

Hopefully these wedding budget ideas will help you get started on planning an amazing wedding without the sky high cost.

A successful wedding does not have to be an expensive wedding. Success should be determined by whether the bride, groom and the guests enjoyed themselves. No matter how much money you spend, if your wedding is cookie cutter and seems rehearsed no one will remember it and most will not enjoy it. Make it your own, make it part of you both, not part of a book you read, or do things you think you "have" to do! Share with your guests part of who you both are!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

When you are planning your wedding it will seem as though every aspect is extremely important. Choosing the right dress and having a quality tuxedo are certainly two of them. The menu and location rank high on the list of important details, but there’s another that is equally important. That’s the wedding photographer and without an experienced one your wedding memories may not be what you had in mind.

You may be wondering how to choose a wedding photographer. Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task and most people begin the process with little idea of what they are looking for. They may scour the local yellow pages for a wedding photographer but this really isn’t the best method of choosing someone who is going to capture images of the most important day of your life.

One of the best ways to choose a wedding photographer is by word of mouth. If you know someone who was married recently ask them about which wedding photographer they used. They’ll be happy to show off the pictures that were taken and to also share how the experience was for them. It’s a bit tacky to ask about the price of the photographer unless you are very close to the person and you’ve discussed financial issues in the past.

If you don’t have the luxury of a personal recommendation for a wedding photographer, consider doing some research on the Internet. Most communities have a chamber of commerce website that showcases all businesses in the area. There will be a section dedicated to photographers and you can browse the listings of photographers and see which ones list wedding photography as a specialty.

Once you have a few to choose from call up each wedding photographer on your list. Ask to meet with them and explain that you’d like to see their portfolio and discuss the possibility of having them work with you on your wedding. An experienced wedding photographer will welcome the chance to meet with you and will suggest a time that is convenient.

It’s very important once you do choose a photographer to discuss with him or her, what you imagine for your special day. If there are particular images that you want explain that in detail. They are great behind the camera but a little guidance on your expectations is always welcomed.

Hopefully these tips will help you understand more about how to choose a wedding photographer.

If you live in Edinburgh or central Scotland, you can also learn more about Edinburgh Wedding Photographers here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Choosing a Theme for your Wedding

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of tying in all the different elements of your wedding and to make it memorable for all is to have a theme. This could be a colour theme, an era, a film or TV programme, sporting activity or event – anything really. Here are my top five tips to choosing a theme which works for you:

1. Choose something personal to you both – it could be that you both really liked the recent Alice in Wonderland film or that you are both keen mountain bikers – anything goes; just try to find a way of incorporating this activity into your wedding day.

2. The simplest things to incorporate into your chosen theme are the table centrepieces, favours, music and food. For example, if your chosen theme was oriental you could have paper lanterns hanging low over the centre of each table instead of a centrepiece, chopsticks or fortune cookies as favours and a traditional Szechuan dish as a main course.

3. Be as individual or as traditional as you like – if you don’t want to be too creative, just theme the wedding around the season. For example, a BBQ and ice creams in the summer and for a fabulous winter wedding fill vases with rock salt and twigs as table centrepieces and hand icicles and snowflakes from the ceiling.

4. Don’t worry if you have completely different ideas about the wedding theme – fusion weddings of two or more themes are becoming increasing popular, particularly with multi-cultural couples. For a Scottish/Malaysian wedding, consider using bright Malaysian flowers such as orchids and birds of paradise as d├ęcor and combining with traditional Scottish customs such as having a piper and Ceilidh.

5. Maybe you don’t have any particular hobbies or interests? Try choosing a combination of colours that you both like or a film that you both enjoyed - Moulin Rouge themed weddings are not for the faint-hearted but can look fabulous even on a tight budget.

At Purple Penguin, we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the game- we are constantly looking for new trends and styles and always ‘thinking outside the box’ with new ideas and inspirations. We never plan two weddings the same and aim to ensure that each wedding is better than the last!

We always stay within our clients’ budgets and spend time getting to know the couples so that we can create a beautiful, personalized wedding every time.

Check out Purple Penguin Weddings or call 0845 519 2447 for more details.