Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheap Wedding Favours - UK

Are you looking for cheap wedding favours for your UK wedding? A wedding can cost so much these days, and while you want everything to be nice and give your guests a small gift to say that you are glad they came, you will surely want to keep some money for the honeymoon too!

The good news is that you can save a lot on your wedding favours by returning to the traditional wedding favor idea: candy. This way you can have something delicious without having to spend a lot of money.

Of course you would not just buy a chocolate bar and leave it on peoples' plates! You will want to put a little time in to making unique wedding favours that are personalized, so that all of your guests will want to keep them for a souvenir after they have eaten the candy.

The best way to do this is by being creative with the container for your wedding favours. It is cheaper not to buy candy that comes pre-packed in little boxes for weddings, but just order some small boxes that you can find online and then put whatever kind of candy you want inside. You may want to use a cupcake liner too. A lot of people choose chocolates but this is not necessarily a good idea if the weather is hot. Sugared almonds are one traditional favorite. You can get them in several different colors. Or M&Ms, or mints. How about fudge? Or just go for your own personal favorite nuts or candies!

Confetti is a great UK based website that has an online store stocking all sorts of boxes, ribbons, candy and everything you need to make your own cheap wedding favours.

You may want to have the boxes pre-printed with your names and a photo of you as a couple. Alternatively, you can create a wrapper for the box from paper or fabric that is personalized. Depending how much time you have, you could even embroider on it with your names, the date and a small design. This would be a very low cost way to create memorable, but cheap wedding favours. If you are short of time yourself perhaps you have a talented friend or family member who would love to do this for you.

Another possibility is to use glass containers for your wedding favours. You can buy regular small glasses and have them engraved. This may cost a little more for the engraving, but it would create something that the guests would certainly keep forever. You can fill them with candy and cover in tulle tied with a ribbon.

Candles are another popular wedding favour idea and you can even make your own. Buy beeswax and wicks at a craft store, and gather some shells or buy the shells too. Get instructions from the craft store on how to melt the beeswax and add the wick. Tie a ribbon around the finished candles.

This should give you some ideas for cheap wedding favors for your UK wedding that you can use or that will inspire you to come up with your own.

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