Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

As much as we would like our wedding to go without a hitch, it pays to be ready for anything!

Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, consider putting together a wedding day emergency kit. It will save time because no one will need to make a last-minute trip from the church to a store, and it will definitely relieve stress to know that these handy items are within reach.

Start out small, picking up a few things from the list here and there while you're out, and it won't seem so overwhelming (or as expensive). But, rest assured, all of these suggestions will eventually be used since they are common, everyday items.

Here are a few ideas for things to put into your wedding day emergency kit?

* clear nail polish (to repair a manicure or run in pantyhose) * instant stain remover (such as a Tide pen) * safety pins * nail file or emery board * miniature sewing kit
* Insect repellent (for outdoor weddings or receptions - be sure to test its scent prior to the event so you don't end up smelling like the great outdoors)
* fabric tape
* scissors
* mints
* tampons and pads
* pain killers
* dental floss
* tweezers
* comb/brush
* hair spray
* hair pins/bobby pins
* antacid
* crackers (in case someone forgets to eat)
* batteries (in case digital cameras run out of juice)
* ink pen (for when it's time to sign the marriage license)
* a list of phone numbers for all of your wedding vendors and your attendants
* contact lens solution

Another handy item to have on hand (but it won't fit in the emergency kit) would be a barstool
without a back or sides. Once you've dressed the bride, she's bound to want to sit down before
the ceremony begins, but if she sits in a regular chair, she'll risk wrinkling.

Make sure that someone keeps the emergency kit handy throughout the day. The worst possible thing would be for someone to suddenly need something in the kit and then realise you didn't bring it into the church with you as the bridesmaids are getting ready, and have to send someone to dig through your car to find it.

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