Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unusual Wedding Cakes

Unusual wedding cakes can make a wedding more unique or special not only for the couple but for all of the guests. Luckily, unusual wedding cakes don't have to be expensive. But, of course, like most other aspects of the wedding, if you want to spend a lot, you certainly can!

One option for an unusual wedding cake is to have a themed cake featuring something that is special to you as a couple. This is probably the simplest way to have an unusual wedding cake that everyone will remember. Here are some ideas:

- Create a design in Photoshop that can be printed onto edible paper and spread over the top of your cake. An example would be a mock newspaper front page featuring words and pictures about the couple.

- Have your cake designed around a sport that you both enjoy.

- Have your cake made to look like your home. This one is especially appropriate for couples who are moving into a new home when they marry.

- Take a simple white wedding cake and place real, fresh pale and dark pink roses in a cascade over the top and down one side.

- Have your cake in the shape of your car, boat, or other special item that you own.

- Where did you meet? Recreate the scene in the design of your cake.

Just about any cake designer will understand your wish to have a cake that is a little different. While they usually have standard recipes for the cake itself depending on your tastes, they will be open to your individual ideas when it comes to the decoration. Usually they have a file of pictures of cakes that they have made and you can consult this as a starting point for discussion.

When you are ordering a wedding cake it is a good idea to have the baker make a drawing of what they plan to do so that you can check that they have correctly understood your wishes. This is especially important with unusual wedding cakes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Make your Own Bridal Bouquet

Do you want to learn how to make your own bridal bouquet? If so, there are a few things you will need to think about and some problems you will need to avoid.

Here are some tips for making a bridal bouquet.

1. Decide exactly what you want

If you can decide exactly what you want before you get started this will help a lot. You need to think about what kinds of flowers and colours you want. It is very difficult to carry a colour in your memory so if you have anything that you need the colors to match with, such as shoes or a headband, take it with you when you go to order the flowers.

2. Choose your flowers

Roses work very well in a bridal bouquet and it is traditional to have an odd number of flowers, for example, 7 or more. You will need to find roses that have stems of around 1 foot long. If you are choosing a different type of flower be careful as certain types of flowers may droop or wilt before you make it to the ceremony.

Many brides like to use the same flowers in the bouquet that they use to decorate the church or other ceremony location. Even if you do not use the exact same flowers you will probably want to come up with some sort of theme and make sure that they don't clash.

3. Choose some leaves for your bouquet

This is a very important step. A lot of brides do not realize how important it is and just grab something at the last minute, but the foliage that will surround and separate the flowers can make or break a bride's bouquet. You will can use a mix of leaves and grasses that go together well. Like the flowers, you need to know they will not droop or discolour.

4. Think about other materials for your bouquet

As well as the flowers and green leaves, you will need scissors, a knife, ribbon in colors to match your flowers and some floral tape. You can buy floral tape in a craft store or flower store.

5. Plan Time to create your Bouquet

It can be time consuming make a bridal bouquet. Put it on a checklist so that you do not forget. It can be made the evening before and left in water, but remember to make sure that the ribbons do not get in the water. You can leave the bouquet in the fridge if the weather is hot.

6. How to Create your Bridal Bouquet
  • Set out all your materials and prepare your flowers. Strip or cut leaves from the stem to give the bouquet a better shape, and remove any older petals or flowers.
  • Next prepare the leaf stems in the same way. Holding them all together in one hand to make a rounded head, place the flowers between the leaves so that the bouquet retains a well rounded shape and the flowers and leaves are evenly distributed. Then add flowers all around the outside of the leaves. The stems will naturally fan out under your hand.
  • Check the shape and then wrap the floral tape tightly around the stems just above where you are holding the bouquet. Go around 3 times then with the tape holding the bouquet tightly, put it down and tie the ribbons around it.
  • Finally, cut all the stems to the same length, about 6 inches below the lower part of the ribbon.

That's it. If you have followed these steps, you hopefully now know how to make your own bridal bouquet.