Friday, November 7, 2008

Best Man Speech Ideas

So you're looking for best man speech ideas for a wedding?

Maybe you have been asked to be a best man by your brother or your best friend. Whoever it is, I am sure you do not want to mess up. You need a speech that will impress the wedding guests and make them want to listen to what you have to say.

Your main role with your best man speech is to express all of the guests' best wishes to both the bride and groom at the start of their married life together.

You can tell some personal stories, jokes and anecdotes about your own friendship with the groom but at the same time you need to remember who your audience is as you want to avoid telling stories that are so embarrassing that they might embarrass the bride's grandparents or make the groom never want to speak to you again!!

If you are new to public speaking this can be an ordeal and it is normal to feel a bit nervoud or anxious. Being asked to be best man is considered such an honour and such a proof of friendship that unless you're already planning to get married yourself that day, you can're really refuse.

If you are like most guys you probably already said yes anyway, thinking it's not difficult after all. You just have to make sure he gets there and pass the rings, don't you? If you thought about the speech at all you probably thought it wouldn't be hard. You had a lot of time. Hey, there must be a ton of speeches out there that you can use, right? And now suddenly it's only three weeks until the wedding ... or two weeks ... or one ...

You have two options. First, you can go to the public library and look for books on wedding speeches and toasts. Copy out everything that seems like it might be useful. At the end of this process you should have a couple pages of notes at least.

Take your notes and mix in some funny stories about the groom and some compliments to the bride-to-be (note: you don't tell funny stories about the bride-to-be: leave that for her friends!). That's the free way, it will take you some time and you will need to be able to write well and structure the speech.

Second, you can grab a low cost package of speeches and toasts that are proven winners so all you have to do is pick one out and add the bride and groom's names. You can mix around sections from different speeches if you want, but you do not need to.

The most important thing is to plan as far ahead as you possibly can. Start jotting down your ideas now - even if you only have a few minutes as being organised in advance will make a big difference.

If you are short of ideas fortunately, help is at hand – in the form of an extremely well-written and user-friendly book by Dan Stevens, professional speech-writer extraordinaire.

Good Luck!

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