Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Planning A Wedding On Short Notice

There are many reasons a couple can wind up planning a wedding on short notice. Some couples decide that they simply want to get married and who wants to wait a long time? Others may have changed their mind about wedding planning and this type of wedding may be their "Plan B." Or this could be a second marriage or a civil ceremony where the wedding planned is going to be a small occasion. Fortunately, no matter your reason: you can always have a beautiful wedding day you'll remember forever.

Get Organized - The most important thing to keep in mind to planning your wedding on short notice is to get (and stay) organized. Have everything about your wedding in one handy binder and know exactly where that binder is at all times. Keep all charges for the wedding on one credit card if at all possible. Save all of your receipts from the wedding. Write everything down that pertains to the wedding. This will save you a lot of time and stress.

Be Flexible - When you are planning a wedding on short notice, you admittedly have to be a bit flexible about some details that other brides might be more stubborn about. Things like your location, types of flowers and the type of wedding dress you wear. Typical wedding dress alterations can take a minimum of six months. If your wedding is being planned in six weeks, you are definitely buying a dress off the rack and having it altered only once. The location for your wedding may not be exactly what you desire -- but it can certainly have many of the key elements that you want. Make a list of the qualities that you want (for a dress, location, flowers, etc.) and think about what is the most important. This will help you really make up your mind when it comes to making a selection.

Stick to Your Budget - Some brides and grooms are very tempted to go off budget, and this is very much the case with a wedding planned on short notice. Some vendors may complain about the short notice and will press rush fees on you. Others may simply hint that you aren't the typical couple. Remember that these vendors are providing you with a service and that if someone presses you too hard for extra coin and you feel it is unfair, you always have the option to walk away. But be reasonable: if you are asking someone to create a custom-designed wedding cake with two weeks notice, it might not be inappropriate to ask for a rush fee.

Ask for Help - What is that old saying: two heads are better than one? Well many more heads can often be better still when planning a wedding on short notice! Try to delegate some of your wedding planning to your family and friends. Don't overload your loved ones with lots to do, give them tasks that are clearly outlined and don't stress the small stuff: if your mother-in-law orders peach napkins instead of pale pink no one is really going to notice. Think of tasks that would suit the people you are giving them to. If your dad is an excellent negotiator, then putting him in charge of finding the reception hall could be a great choice. Or asking your mom to be in charge of the bridesmaids' logistics for the day of the wedding. Remember to say "thank you" and -- even better -- get everyone a nice little gift from your honeymoon trip to express your gratitude.
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Helen said...

We decided to get married and chose a date 3 months after we decided. The only thing that we found potentially complicated was the dress, but one was quickly found, the order took about 6 weeks, alterations less than a week. We were luckly that only 1 family could not join us, but we choose a date outside of typical holiday time.
We did have a reasonably traditional wedding, but we ignored all the things we didn't want (favours, posh cars etc.), we made our own stationary (and kept it simple!), and only had 1 (fantatstic!) bridesmaid - how that simplifies things! Don't over complicate it. It's an important ceremony (get the service, the words etc right!), but after that, it's just a party - some food, drink and music and all will be well.
As long as the right people are there, hey, order a carry out and pizza!
Personally I think quick is best... too much time and you can easily get drawn into being stressed about things which really are just not that important!
Remember... ENJOY IT!