Monday, December 8, 2008

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, one thing that you probably want is inexpensive wedding invitations. The guest list and invitations are one of the first things you need to think about when planning your wedding. If you have already investigated the cost of having your invitations professionally printed you probably had to be picked up off the floor as it can be extremely expensive!

So what is the best way to create inexpensive wedding invitations? One thing that many brides do is to buy a wedding invitation kit or a set of pre-printed cards where you can fill out the details yourself.

Another alternative is to design your own invitations from scratch on your computer. You could use clip art or, to make it more personal, a photograph of the two of you. Almost anything can be scanned in and used in your design. The possibilities are endless, and you can make it as beautiful as you want.

If your printer will not handle printing onto high quality card, then why not create your design on your own computer and when you are 100% happy with the design, find somebody with a higher specification printer. You may find that they can print onto pre-cut small cards. If not you will need to use a paper cutter to keep the edges perfectly straight. If you work in an office you will probably find one there.

One area that you can definitely save money is 'save the date' cards. You do not need to send these as well as the invitation. You can send your 'save the date' notice as an email announcement. Or, you can start on your invitations now and send them out real early.

Although it is traditional to include an RSVP card, you don't have to do this. You can also save postage costs by making this a postcard and/or leaving people to provide their own stamp. If you do not receive a reply you will have to call people but you usually need to do this for a few forgetful guests anyway.

You should try to send your invitations at least two months before the wedding. Even if you sent a 'save the date' notice, you will want to be receiving the replies as early as possible so that you know numbers for catering.

You don't need to skimp on style when you are planning a budget wedding. Put in a little time, and you will find it is not difficult to create elegant inexpensive wedding invitations.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Best Man Speech Ideas

So you're looking for best man speech ideas for a wedding?

Maybe you have been asked to be a best man by your brother or your best friend. Whoever it is, I am sure you do not want to mess up. You need a speech that will impress the wedding guests and make them want to listen to what you have to say.

Your main role with your best man speech is to express all of the guests' best wishes to both the bride and groom at the start of their married life together.

You can tell some personal stories, jokes and anecdotes about your own friendship with the groom but at the same time you need to remember who your audience is as you want to avoid telling stories that are so embarrassing that they might embarrass the bride's grandparents or make the groom never want to speak to you again!!

If you are new to public speaking this can be an ordeal and it is normal to feel a bit nervoud or anxious. Being asked to be best man is considered such an honour and such a proof of friendship that unless you're already planning to get married yourself that day, you can're really refuse.

If you are like most guys you probably already said yes anyway, thinking it's not difficult after all. You just have to make sure he gets there and pass the rings, don't you? If you thought about the speech at all you probably thought it wouldn't be hard. You had a lot of time. Hey, there must be a ton of speeches out there that you can use, right? And now suddenly it's only three weeks until the wedding ... or two weeks ... or one ...

You have two options. First, you can go to the public library and look for books on wedding speeches and toasts. Copy out everything that seems like it might be useful. At the end of this process you should have a couple pages of notes at least.

Take your notes and mix in some funny stories about the groom and some compliments to the bride-to-be (note: you don't tell funny stories about the bride-to-be: leave that for her friends!). That's the free way, it will take you some time and you will need to be able to write well and structure the speech.

Second, you can grab a low cost package of speeches and toasts that are proven winners so all you have to do is pick one out and add the bride and groom's names. You can mix around sections from different speeches if you want, but you do not need to.

The most important thing is to plan as far ahead as you possibly can. Start jotting down your ideas now - even if you only have a few minutes as being organised in advance will make a big difference.

If you are short of ideas fortunately, help is at hand – in the form of an extremely well-written and user-friendly book by Dan Stevens, professional speech-writer extraordinaire.

Good Luck!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Deciding Who to Invite to your Wedding

Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your big day. Due to constraints such as your budget and the size of the venue as it is not always easy to decide who is coming to your wedding.

It is not always practical to invite everybody you know to your wedding but at the same time you may worry about offending people by not inviting them.

The reality of the matter is there is always going to be a limited number of people that you can invite to your big day and they hould be your friends and family that are closest to you.

Remember that this is your day and you want to celebrate it with those people whom you care about the most and who you want be there to share this special occasion.

When you look back on your wedding in the years to come it is nice to think that the people who you wanted to be there were there for you.

Throughout your life people come and go but those who are special to you at the time of your wedding are the ones that you need to consider adding to your invitation list.

The best way to start is by writing a comprehensive list of everybody who you would consider inviting to your wedding. If your parents are helping you to pay for the wedding you should also check with them to see if there is anyone that they would like to invite.

Once this has been done you should think about the cost of having those people and start reducing the list accordingly until you have your final decision that you feel happiest with. Sometimes you may be able to have day guests and evening guests and invite the people that you know the best and feel the closest to during the day and the others at night.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you and your fiancee are happy with the final outcome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Planning A Wedding On Short Notice

There are many reasons a couple can wind up planning a wedding on short notice. Some couples decide that they simply want to get married and who wants to wait a long time? Others may have changed their mind about wedding planning and this type of wedding may be their "Plan B." Or this could be a second marriage or a civil ceremony where the wedding planned is going to be a small occasion. Fortunately, no matter your reason: you can always have a beautiful wedding day you'll remember forever.

Get Organized - The most important thing to keep in mind to planning your wedding on short notice is to get (and stay) organized. Have everything about your wedding in one handy binder and know exactly where that binder is at all times. Keep all charges for the wedding on one credit card if at all possible. Save all of your receipts from the wedding. Write everything down that pertains to the wedding. This will save you a lot of time and stress.

Be Flexible - When you are planning a wedding on short notice, you admittedly have to be a bit flexible about some details that other brides might be more stubborn about. Things like your location, types of flowers and the type of wedding dress you wear. Typical wedding dress alterations can take a minimum of six months. If your wedding is being planned in six weeks, you are definitely buying a dress off the rack and having it altered only once. The location for your wedding may not be exactly what you desire -- but it can certainly have many of the key elements that you want. Make a list of the qualities that you want (for a dress, location, flowers, etc.) and think about what is the most important. This will help you really make up your mind when it comes to making a selection.

Stick to Your Budget - Some brides and grooms are very tempted to go off budget, and this is very much the case with a wedding planned on short notice. Some vendors may complain about the short notice and will press rush fees on you. Others may simply hint that you aren't the typical couple. Remember that these vendors are providing you with a service and that if someone presses you too hard for extra coin and you feel it is unfair, you always have the option to walk away. But be reasonable: if you are asking someone to create a custom-designed wedding cake with two weeks notice, it might not be inappropriate to ask for a rush fee.

Ask for Help - What is that old saying: two heads are better than one? Well many more heads can often be better still when planning a wedding on short notice! Try to delegate some of your wedding planning to your family and friends. Don't overload your loved ones with lots to do, give them tasks that are clearly outlined and don't stress the small stuff: if your mother-in-law orders peach napkins instead of pale pink no one is really going to notice. Think of tasks that would suit the people you are giving them to. If your dad is an excellent negotiator, then putting him in charge of finding the reception hall could be a great choice. Or asking your mom to be in charge of the bridesmaids' logistics for the day of the wedding. Remember to say "thank you" and -- even better -- get everyone a nice little gift from your honeymoon trip to express your gratitude.
Are you planning your dream wedding or do you know someone who is? Visit for practical tips for the bride and groom, accessories, gift ideas and more for all your wedding needs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5 Games for your Bachelorette Party, Hen Night or Wedding Shower

If you are a maid of honour or a bridesmaid planning a hen night (as we call it here in the UK) or a Bachelorette Party (as it is known in the US) you may want to play a few games to liven things up a bit or just to break the ice. After all, not everyone may know each other and it is good to have a focus to the event..

The Bachelorette party or hen night is a time when the bride can get together with her friends and family members, receive gifts and have fun before the wedding. Not

If you are stuck for ideas here are some suggestions to help you.

(1) Don't Say The Word
This is a great ice breaking game. As people arrive give them 10 small objects (e.g. coins). Tell them they are not allowed to say a certain word the whole evening e.g. 'wedding' or 'bride'! You can probably imagine just how difficult this could be at wedding shower or hen party! Every time someone says the word, they have to give a coin to the person they were speaking to, and there is a prize for the person with most coins at the end of the evening. Then everyone can shout, 'One ... two ... three ... WEDDING!' or 'One ... two ... three ... BRIDE!'

(2) Wedding Dress Game
This is a fun game that doesn't need much preparation. Divide the guests up into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Each team must choose a "bride" and make her a wedding dress out of the toilet paper. They can use accesssories and jewellery but no clothing items. The bride does not play but she gets to pick the winner and take some photographs.

(3) Guess the Answer / Bride and Groom Trivia
Before the event, email or phone the groom and ask him a few questions about himself and the bride to be. These could include things like "what do you like best about your bride to be?", "where did you meet the first time?", "what is your ideal romantic date?" "how many girlfriends have you had?". The questions can be as varied or as intimate as you want them to be, depending on who the audience will be! Once you have all the questions and answers you should ask the bride to answer the same questions in front of everyone to see how well she knows her groom!

(4) Name Game:
All the guests have to come up with as many different words as they can from the scrambled letters of the names of both the bride and the groom. You could also give a prize to the guest who manages to make the longest word.

(5) Celebrity Couples Charades
Prepare some cards with the name of a celebrity couple on each one. The guests separate into two or more groups and each of the groups takes it in turn to select a card and then act out the names of the couple as a charade without speaking.

If the bride is planning a theme for her wedding you may also want to adapt the games to suit this and create a theme at the wedding shower/ Bachelorette Party or Hen Night .

You probably only need two or three of these games and they should hopefully make your night more memorable and lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Church Decoration Tips

Are you getting married in a Church? Have you been looking for some Church Decoration Tips? If so, read on for some ideas

The type of decorations for your church wedding will depend on the location of your wedding, the time of year that you are getting married and the theme of your wedding if you are having a theme. Here are a few wedding church decoration tips for those of you going for a traditional wedding.

Flowers are one of the things that you need to think about first - a wedding would look very dull without them! as well as being important for decoration of the church, flowers are also a big feature in all of the different locations and stages of the wedding.

You could even create a colour theme to your wedding just by co-ordinating all of the flowers, including your own bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, the corsages worn by the mother of the bride and mother of the groom as well as the buttonhole flowers of the groom and his best man and ushers.

Usually in at a church wedding there are flowers at the altar, in the lobby and along the aisle on the ends of the rows of seats. You probably also want to have flowers on the tables at your wedding reception and you may want to use similar colours or types of flowers to the ones you used to decorate the church.

The flowers that you decide on will depend on all sorts of things including the colours and the style of your wedding dress, the bridesmaid's dresses, the type of rooms that you are using, and also the time of year. You can reduce the cost of your wedding flowers by using flowers that are in season at the time of year of your wedding. Your florist will be able to advise you of this and show you photos and examples of flowers.

Unless you have had some experience of flower arrangement you probably will not want to arrange the flowers yourself. This is one of these last-minute tasks and even if you do have flower arrangement skills you will no doubt have so much do on the morning of your wedding.

Some florists may set the arrangements up for you without extra cost if you order all of the flowers from them. Alternatively you could have a friend do it or perhaps find someone through the church that you are getting married in.

Another way to decorate the church is with candles. The church will probably already have standard candles and candleholders that they can supply but you may want to supply your own to make them more individual. Be sure to speak to the minister or priest about doing this first.

Just looking through some wedding magazines or catalogs may give you lots of other wedding church decoration tips. You will also get lots of ideas by visiting wedding fairs.

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